Lessons In The Waiting

This post is part of my series for Write 31 Days (writing on a prompt every day during the month of October). I may not be posting on the blog every day, but you can find an index page where all the posts in the series will be added here. The prompt today is “patient.” (I swapped the prompts for today and yesterday as this prompt ties in with a guest post that went live today.)

As David hid in the darkness at the back of the cave, it must have seemed like the perfect opportunity. His enemy was alone and unarmed.

With the whispers of his men urging him forward, David crept behind the unsuspecting Saul. For years, Saul’s jealousy had driven him to relentlessly pursue David, seeking to kill him.

Surely, this was the moment to finally put a stop to it.

What’s more, the prophet Samuel had anointed David as king, and yet, years later, Saul remained on the throne. 

Surely, this was the ideal opportunity for David to claim his destiny.

But, to the surprise of his men, while David cut a piece from Saul’s robe, he chose not to harm the man himself. He knew this was not God’s way. This was not how waiting was supposed to end

I’d love it if you’d join me at Gracefully Truthful as I reflect on the lessons David learned during his times of waiting and think about how they can help us in our own times of waiting. Click here for the full post.

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