Taste And See

This post is part of my series for Write 31 Days (writing on a prompt every day during the month of October). I may not be posting on the blog every day, but you can find an index page where all the posts in the series will be added here. The prompt today is “taste.”

As the children sat eating their lunch, I noticed that one girl had no plate in front of her.

I urged her to go and get some food. The morning at camp had been packed with activities and there were lots more lined up for the afternoon. She needed something to sustain her.

“No, it’s ok. I don’t like it,” she said.

I began offering other options, trying to find something she would eat instead, and in the course of the conversation it came out that she had never tried the lunch that was on offer, which was spaghetti bolognese.

“Well then, why don’t you taste it?” I asked. “How can you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?” I promised that if she didn’t like it we’d find her something else, so she agreed to give it a try.

After tasting a mouthful, she accepted a small portion and I sat down to eat my lunch, relieved that she was eating something. It was only when the announcement came ten minutes later asking if anyone wanted seconds, that I noticed the girl’s clean plate as she shot to the front of the line eager for some more. Looks like she had discovered that she liked spaghetti bolognese after all!

It made me wonder though how often I decide I don’t like something without even giving it a try. Taking a chance on something new and unfamiliar can be daunting, but often it’s worth the risk.

I think of the Christian youth work organisation I was part of several years ago where the style of worship was completely different to anything I had ever encountered. At first I was hesitant, but I quickly discovered that it helped me to connect with God in fresh and vibrant ways.

I think of the band I joined, thinking it was an ordinary wind band. When marching and uniforms were mentioned a few months later, I almost decided it wasn’t for me, but I gave it a try, and it opened up opportunities to play at several interesting and memorable events.

You can’t know whether you’re going to like something unless you have a taste, and you might just be surprised.

My friend who has recently come to faith thought church wasn’t for her. She had a vague belief in some kind of a god but she knew very little about the true God. Over the last six months it has been so encouraging to see her “taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8 NLT)

Because she was willing to taste something new, her life has been changed forever!

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11 thoughts on “Taste And See

  1. Lesley, what a fabulous lesson here! I have had that same experience with my own children! AND, sad to say with myself, when it comes to what God places before me. YES, I need to taste and see before I firmly decide if I “like” it!

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  2. I’m so glad you were able to get the camper to try something new, Lesley. I think a person who is willing to try new things is a person who will also never stop growing. πŸ™‚


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