The Announcement The World Needs Today

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. The prompt today is “announce.” Also linking with Grace & Truth.

When I was about seven years old, my class got to lead an assembly for the rest of the school.  Everyone had a part to play, and mine was doing a short reading from the Bible.  In the days leading up to the assembly I must have read through it a hundred times.  It was a big deal to be standing up in front of the school and I wanted to do it well.

The day of the assembly came and as I stood up to speak the teacher handed me a microphone.  I had never used one in any of our practices, but I remembered all the instructions I’d been given about how everyone needed to hear me, and I needed to use “a big, loud voice.”

Taking a deep breath, I used my best “big, loud voice” and almost deafened the entire school as I announced, “JESUS CALMS THE STORM!”

I have no idea why the teacher thought it was a good idea to give a child a microphone for the first time at the actual assembly, and for many years I looked back on that moment with embarrassment, but the more I think about it today, the more I realise that this is exactly the announcement people need to hear.

We have had several official announcements here in Scotland/ the UK this week, each more gloomy than the last, some seemingly designed to instil fear.  Limit social gatherings.  Think carefully about your Christmas plans.  Get your booster vaccine now or we’re all going to die! (Not quite the exact message but not far off the tone of panic that comes across at times.)

And while I agree the Omicron variant is a threat that we do have to take seriously, for people, like me, who are predisposed to fear at the best of times, the constant announcements of doom are not particularly helpful.

I think of the angel’s announcements in the Christmas Story (and on several occasions elsewhere in the Bible) which begin with the message, “Do not be afraid,” and I wonder if this is the message the world needs to hear this Christmas.

Jesus calms the storm.  He had power over the wind and waves out there on the lake, and he has power over the storm of COVID-19.  Into the chaos and the turmoil, he speaks: “Peace! Be still!”

Maybe that’s the announcement we should be making in a “big, loud voice” this Christmas.

16 thoughts on “The Announcement The World Needs Today

  1. They want us, now, to be afraid
    even in the Christmas hour,
    for that is how the game is played
    that they might keep their power.
    They want us meekly to obey
    without a doubt or question
    of the things they choose to say
    to force their new direction.
    But, my friend, remember this,
    that Rome controlled by fear as well,
    and Jesus came, not to resist,
    but sound, still, dread’s death-knell
    by turning hearts and eyes above
    with stalwart faith and gracious love.

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  2. May real needs and concerns here on earth remain steadfast so that we may continually care about all of those “one anothers” who we are called to love while our hearts and eyes and ears focus on Christ.
    I love the microphone given to you as an unprepared child for an important role you carried in your school play. As a retired teacher of primary-aged children, it is so important to give the children the FULL instructions for they take it as REAL! Do not pull out a secret tool without notice!! You were prepared for what you were told! I am glad the kids were ‘deafened’ for maybe some of them got that message and live in Chirst’s hands this very day!

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  3. Leslie, I had an experience with a microphone quite opposite of yours. Of course, I never got to use the microphone in practice, but I was told not to speak loudly into the microphone. I whispered, instead of booming. So no one heard me. LOL

    But yes, we need the messages of Jesus now and always. And your post had me thinking about how Jesus would announce the news. It would be so different than we go about relaying the news. And it also convicted me as to how I talk about the news I hear. Is his message being broadcast in my worlds when I discuss the news with others. Or am I just passing on the fear?

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    1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with a microphone too. I think the lesson is: let children use a microphone to practice!
      It is good to consider the message we are sharing and to think about how we can speak some hope in the midst of the fear.

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  4. I think that’s a very good message to proclaim! It is odd the teacher didn’t have everyone practice with microphones beforehand.

    Sometimes it’s hard to balance taking reasonable precautions with fearfulness. And it’s hard to know whom to trust with the current situation, since the leading scientist on the case here has admitted to lying before. I just pray God will make the virus ebb away or give the scientists wisdom in the best way to fight it.

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    1. Thanks, Barbara! It is definitely a challenge right now to know what to believe when there is so much contradictory information being shared. It is comforting to know that God is still in charge!

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