The Wilderness Of Loss

As Naomi entered Bethlehem, her heart was breaking. The sight of the familiar streets cast her mind back to happier times when she had walked them with her husband, her sons playing alongside.

How joyful and carefree they had been! But then, everything had changed . . .

First, a severe famine had forced them to leave Bethlehem. (Ruth 1) It hadn’t been easy to leave their homeland, but they had settled in Moab and been happy. At least they had one another.

But then Naomi’s husband, Elimilech, had died, followed around ten years later by not just one, but both of her sons. They had left as a family of four. Now as Naomi returned, alone, the sense of loss was overwhelming.

Sadly, loss is something we all encounter at some point. It may be the tragic death of loved ones, as with Naomi, but there are other losses – divorce, life-changing illness, redundancy, loss of a friendship . . .

The last couple of years have brought so much loss for us all due to the pandemic. We’ve grieved the loss of celebrations with family and friends, cancellations of long-anticipated plans, the loss of “normal” in gathering and traveling, all of which we once took for granted.

Sometimes, even “smaller” losses hit us hard…

Join me at Gracefully Truthful as we reflect on how we can avoid bitterness as we deal with loss and explore how God can give us hope, even in the midst of grief and pain.

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12 thoughts on “The Wilderness Of Loss

  1. This >>> “Their bitterness blinded them to the reality of God’s provision” and “Similarly, Naomi’s bitterness blinds her to the truth that she is not alone.” Bitterness will rob us from more than we realize. May I realize quickly, and focus on the truth of how Jesus enters every circumstance with me. A most encouraging post!

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  2. Lesley, such a beautiful post on not only the reality of loss, but God in the midst. “Similarly, Naomi’s bitterness blinds her to the truth that she is not alone. God has not brought her back empty.” This is often where most people end up, but it is not the truth. God is always with us, the God of all comfort if we will but trust Him.

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    1. Thanks, Donna! Yes, I think it’s easy for bitterness to overwhelm us. It makes a big difference to know God with us and experience his comfort even in our pain.


  3. I often think that Naomi would not have been an easy person to live with, as bitter people are, well, embittered & immanate a certain harsh & critical spirit. But Ruth was so loving & faithful to Naomi!
    Great post Lesley,

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