The Hope Of Spring

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. The prompt today is “spring.”

Spring has always been my favourite season.

As the days get longer and warmer and the flowers start to bloom, it stirs up hope, after a long, dark winter that brighter days lie ahead.

However, after the last two years, I think the coming of spring will always be intertwined with memories of the pandemic. The photo at the start of this post was taken in 2020 right at the start of lockdown, an attempt to find colour and beauty in the midst of the fear and uncertainty that gripped us all.

As I walked in the same park this morning, just the sight of the daffodils brought back the memories of those days – those beautiful spring days spent inside anxiously watching the news, the concern for loved ones, the loss of all normality.

It stirs my emotions more than I expected, and I don’t think my perception of spring will ever be quite the same.

But this spring, there is much to be grateful for.

This week I have met with friends, I have played music with others, I have been to church in person, I have worked with young people face-to-face, I have been to the theatre – I have done many “normal” things that wouldn’t have been possible last year or the year before.

COVID is still causing disruption and complicating life, but there’s also the sense that spring is coming, that the days are brighter and normal life is resuming – a sense of hope and a reminder that while we will have cold days and dark days, they will not last forever.

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5 NLT

22 thoughts on “The Hope Of Spring

  1. There may be no spring for me
    (save a miracle, of course!).
    Cancer may have victory,
    but, you know, it could be worse
    for I ski down powder’d hill
    and skate upon midwinter ice
    while waiting for the final kill
    in my frostbound paradise.
    Green shoots wait beneath the snow,
    I can see them in heart’s eye,
    but although I may have to go,
    they’ll rise to greet the butterfly
    and speak to her of hopeful things,
    budding flowers, tender wings

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  2. I keep a five year Line a Day journal and it’s surprising to me how reading back over the past two years day by day has stirred strong emotion in me. I’m looking for hope in this Spring too! Thanks Lesley!

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  3. It’s interesting that I read that last verse on a notepad on my desk just before reading your post.

    I love spring, too. Winter is my least favorite month, and the return of warmth, daylight, color, and growing things all raise my spirits. I love that God built a picture of resurrection and new life right into the seasons.

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  4. Much to be grateful for indeed. I love to wake up to sunshine instead of darkness. The steady parade of flowers is a delight as crocus are replaced by daffodils, daffodils by tulips, tulips by lilies, etc. The return of bright colors is such a welcome sight! Best of all I love the singing of the birds!

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  5. what’s prettier than a field of flowers growing free … we planted our first wildflower garden this afternoon. i can’t wait to see what comes up … and can only hope that the rabbits won’t come to visit!

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