When You Feel Ignored…

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. The prompt today is “ignore.”

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is being ignored.

I hate the feeling of powerlessness, of the sense that my opinions or feelings are being disregarded, especially if I believe the person’s response is unfair or that I have something important and valid to say.

I’ve discovered that there are reasons why situations like this used to trigger emotional reactions that were vastly out of proportion to the situation – like the time I ended up sobbing uncontrollably down the phone to a call centre worker who seemed unwilling to listen or to help.

Lately I’ve learned to deal with these situations in a better way.

Accept that it’s often not personal – in the situation of the call centre worker, she was just following the script. She had little understanding of the situation and little empathy, but it was nothing personal against me.

Keep speaking up – if I didn’t have an overly-emotional reaction, my other response would be to withdraw, to go silent, to give up trying to speak because no-one was listening anyway. I’ve learned that’s not true. Yes, there will be people who don’t listen and who don’t want to know, but there are others who will listen. I’m grateful for good friends who will always listen and never ignore me, who will give good advice and encourage me to keep speaking up. As Solomon puts it, “there is a time to be quiet and a time to speak” (Ecclesiastes 3:7 NLT), and no matter how unnatural it may feel, sometimes you do have to fight to be heard.

Take it to God – it is so comforting to know that God will never ignore us, that we can go to him with absolutely anything, knowing that he cares, knowing that he sees, knowing that he loves us and wants what’s best for us.

Just as he revealed himself to Hagar, in her time of distress, of feeling ignored and unseen, as “the God who hears,” and “the God who sees,” (Genesis 16:1-12) so he can draw close to us in these times letting us know that we are seen and heard, that our thoughts and feelings are important to him.

We are not ignored.


19 thoughts on “When You Feel Ignored…

  1. I rather like to be ignored
    here in my own bubble,
    ’cause when I’m getting really bored
    I can go out, cause trouble
    without those disapproving eyes
    that judge each rugger hooligan;
    no, neglect allows surprise,
    and in its cloak I truly can
    find a good and unfair fight,
    and wreck another pub
    to make a truly wizard night,
    but, mate, here is the rub,
    that if they early-close in fear,
    where will I get closing-time beer?

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  2. He is so good to us, Lesley! I’m so thankful He is a God who sees and hears. And He gives us grace to walk with others when they are kind listeners or unkind ignorers – there is grace to grow. Applauding you for the HUGE step forward over the lies of the enemy and recognizing the truth that you are a person of value.

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  3. I also hate being ignored. Or feeling like I’ve been ignored – I think it’s often just my perception! What a comfort to know the God Who Sees and Hears and never ignores me. Visiting from FMF#7

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  4. I absolutely love this, because I too, experience the very same thing you are sharing here. I know mind comes from growing up with an emotionally and verbally abusive father who never wanted any of us to share our opinions. I had to fight to have a voice and I’m so glad I did because yes! We are never ignored. Happily visiting today from FMF, Lauren at #14

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  5. I think that being ignored touches those deep places where we keep our insecurities and it hurts us in ways we sometimes don’t understand. My reactions are not the best. What a blessing to know we have God who sees us, hears us, values us, and loves us more than we know!

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    1. Yes, so often it is not just about the immediate situation but about our experiences in the past. It’s so comforting to know that God understands all of that.


  6. ‘I hate the feeling of powerlessness, of the sense that my opinions or feelings are being disregarded, especially if I believe the person’s response is unfair or that I have something important and valid to say.’

    Oh this is something I struggled with for years, Lesley. I hear your heart. The more I view myself as Christ sees me, the less those around me call the shots in how I see myself and what I can offer. They have no power over me.

    It’s been a gamechanger, for sure.

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  7. Thanks for sharing this. I can very much relate.
    Love the song (the God who sees). To me, it is both beautiful and comforting.
    (Visiting from #24)


  8. Every little one desires to be seen and heard and validated – and accepted and loved. If we don’t get it, we spend forever looking for it in pain and tempting others to disregard us all the more!
    I love that God saw and heard Hagar, after Sarah had sent her away (both times) and that He consoled her with instructions and promises. He is so good! He heard Hagar and Hagar heard Him.
    Lord, help us to hear you too.

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