Journey Pink

Today I’m excited to share about a new book written by one of my blogging friends, Michelle Viscuse!

Michelle was one of the first bloggers I connected with around seven years ago, soon after I began blogging, and her words have always been a huge encouragement to me. I appreciate the openness with which she shares her story of healing from childhood sexual abuse and the way she points to hope in Jesus. Many times her posts have encouraged me on my own journey of healing, and I was delighted to feature a guest post by Michelle in my 31 Days of Kintsugi series.

I am thrilled to be able to celebrate the release of her book. I know this has been a dream of hers for some time and it is wonderful to see it become a reality.

Journey Pink: The Story of a Princess in Need of a King is Michelle’s memoir of her healing journey, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

From the back cover:

“Secrets. We all have them. Michelle had plenty of secrets and intended to take them all to her grave. Married with three children, she owned a business and actively participated in church. Everything appeared wonderful on the outside, but on the inside, secrets from her childhood bubbled up and wreaked havoc in her life. She visited a counselor determined to heal quickly without telling anyone else her secrets. But healing took time, and she had to continue to show up and sit in her counselor’s office. Sit with the awful memories. Sit with the Lord. Sit with others. None of those chairs were comfortable or easy, but they were necessary for healing. She never wanted anyone to know about the sexual abuse she endured throughout her childhood. But God had other plans. This is the story of how He saw her, healed her, and set her free.”

While childhood sexual abuse is a difficult and sensitive subject, the book is ultimately hopeful and uplifting as Michelle writes of breaking through the shame and fear to face the truth of her story and embrace the truth of who God made her to be.

Michelle writes with courage and vulnerability, never pretending that the journey of healing is easy or straightforward, but showing how God met her along the way, giving hope in some of her darkest times and leading her to a place of forgiveness and freedom.

For those who have experienced sexual abuse, it gives hope that healing is possible and provides some direction for that journey. For those who want to understand more, perhaps to support a friend or family member, it provides valuable insights into the healing journey and some of the challenges along the way. For anyone, it is a powerful testimony of God’s love and faithfulness and his transforming work of bringing beauty from brokenness.

Please check out Journey Pink! You can find it on Amazon at these links: US, UK. You can find Michelle’s blog here.

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13 thoughts on “Journey Pink

  1. Congratulations to Michelle! Thank you for linking up and sharing. I had the opportunity to meet Michelle and she’s such a wonderful person. Can’t wait to pick up a copy!



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