31 Days Of Rediscovering Writing

This is my Write 31 Days series for October 2021. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Write 31 Days has been one of my favourite things about blogging and you can check out my previous challenge series here:

2017 series – Kintsugi

2019 series – Dear Younger Me…

This year, after a quieter year of writing, the plan is to use the daily prompts to get back into the habit again. My aim is to write something for each of the prompt words, but I may not always post publicly. This page will contain an index and links to each of my posts.

Day 1 – He Knows What You Need

Day 2 – Contentment Without Complacency

Day 3 – Be A Peacemaker, Not A Peacekeeper

Day 4 – Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Day 5 – Wholehearted Devotion

Day 6 – Lessons In The Waiting

Day 7 – True Encouragement

Day 8 – He Will Complete His Work In Us

Day 9 – We Need His Power

Day 10 – What Will You Establish Today?

Day 11 – Look Above

Day 12 – Everyone Has A Part To Play

Day 13 – We Are Redeemed!

Day 14 – Toward The Goal

Day 15 – Where Is Your Treasure?

Day 16 – Our Troubles Are Temporary

Day 17 – Trust In Action

Day 18 – Radical Kindness