One Word 2016- Surrender



The word I am focussing on for 2016 is “Surrender”.  I will add the link for each post to this index page as it is published, so please come and join me and follow the journey throughout this year.

18th December 2015: One Word 

1st January 2016:  Surrender

8th January 2016:  Willing Surrender

12th January 2016:  God’s Ways Are Higher

26th January 2016:  The Cost And The Reward

Book Study: Anything by Jennie Allen
1st February 2016: Part 1- Anything
8th February 2016: Part 2- First In My Heart?
15th February 2016: Part 3- Facing The Fear And Counting The Cost
22nd February 2016: Part 4- Giving It All
7th March 2016:  Part 5- The Domino Effect
14th March 2016: Part 6- For His Glory
21st March 2016: Part 7- Into Battle
28th March 2016:  Part 8- Holding Nothing Back

6th February 2016:  Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale– Review and Reflections

17th March 2016:  The Adventure Begins

12th April 2016:  Prayer And The Goodness of God

19th April 2016: Surrendering Self-Protection

3rd May 2016: Surrender: The Story So Far

20th May 2016: What Can We Expect When We Pray?

24th May 2016: The Truth About Worry

14th June 2016: Flying Secure In Christ

27th June 2016:  Less Expectations, More Love

17th July 2016: In Planning We Trust

15th August 2016: One Year Blogging Reflections And A Confession

15th November 2016: Wait and See…

25th November 2016: Blessings In Surrender

29th December 2016:  Open Hands: A Year Of Surrender


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