Wisdom For Waiting

This is the index page for the “Wisdom For Waiting” series from November-December 2016.  Links to new posts will be added here as they are published.

Wisdom For Waiting (1).png

  1. Wait And See… (15th November 2016)
  2. When The Wisest Thing To Do Is Nothing (22nd November 2016)
  3. Waiting For Breakthrough (28th November 2016)
  4. Comparison Or Contentment (1st December 2016)
  5. God’s Plan In Our Waiting (5th December 2016)
  6. Finding Joy In The Waiting (9th December 2016)
  7. What Do We Do While We’re Waiting? (12th December 2016)
  8. Until The Waiting Ends… (19th December 2016)


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