Hi, I’m Lesley.


Thanks for visiting my blog.  I live in Scotland and work with young people for a Christian charity.

In my spare time I love music- I originally trained as a musician and still enjoy playing with various bands and orchestras.  I also enjoy reading, writing, going to the theatre (especially musicals), walking in the country or by the sea and spending time with friends.

I’ve been blogging here since August 2015 and I’m enjoying the journey so far.

Life in the Spacious Place refers to a verse in the Bible- Psalm 18:19: He led me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delights in me-  and this blog is about exploring this spacious place and sharing what God is teaching me.

I write on various topics connected with God and faith.  I love to explore questions of faith, dig deeper into the Bible, share book reviews and, above all, encourage people that, whatever their circumstances, there is always hope to be found in God.

Since the beginning of 2018, I have been a regular contributor at Gracefully Truthful.  Click here to find my posts that have been featured there as well as occasional guest posts at other sites.

I’m also delighted to have a piece included in the anthology Merry Christmas Everyone which was released in October 2018!  You can find out more and check it out on Amazon at these links: UK, US.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thanks for joining me and I look forward to exploring the spacious place together!

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. Very nice blog! I especially love your home page with all the beautiful photos – wow. Visiting you from Five Minute Friday! Blessings!

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  2. Hi Leslie! I’m your friend from the #gritup collective writers link. I’m an author of two books. One is a Bible study and the other a book about the humanity of the Marys in the Bible– A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called published by Leafwood in 2016. It’s written to encourage women to step out into their call from God. Would you consider reviewing it?

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  3. Hi Lesley,
    I am friends with Anna Smit, and we are working together on some writing projects. I loved the music that you created for her poem “Each Beat of Flowing Truth.” (She shared it with me, as we have been writing poetry together for one of the projects.) I just finally found your blog today, and I am so glad! Blessings to you!

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    1. Hi Bettie! Thanks, I’m glad you liked the music. I loved Anna’s words and it was a pleasure to work on it with her. Glad to visit your blog and connect with you too!


  4. Hi Lesley,

    I’m the Community  Manager with Anagram Interactive, where we specialize in connecting  established brands with prominent bloggers. We are currently running a campaign for one of the top online stationery brands that you and your readers might find very interesting.
    Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in and I’ll show you how to get started. Please kindly write to me at helen@anagraminteractive.com


  5. Lesley, thanks for stopping by at Life in the Slow Lane and “liking” my post. I recently changed my site to give broader recognition to the writing I love to do–the writing I do for Him. I see the similarity in what we write. Thanks again!

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  6. It was fun to tune in here and find out a little about you. I also played the clarinet, Lesley, in high school and university. I didn’t know you were a clarinetist. Also enjoyed learning that you have been a regular contributor at Gracefully Truthful. I’ll go check that out. Hugs to you. Jan ❤

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  7. Hi Lesley! I love your blog. I’m jumping back in after a very long (like years) hiatus from writing. I’m looking for some daily prompts to help structure my writing time. Do you plan on having some in 2022? If not, perhaps I’ll start with your Oct 2021 :D.

    Thank you for having a faith based daily challenge. I’m looking forward to it!


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    1. Thanks, Cynthia! That’s great that you’re planning to get back into writing in 2022. The prompts I used came from fiveminutefriday.com. There is a weekly link-up there every Friday (it’s on a break over Christmas but back next week) where there is a one-word prompt given. Most years in October there is also a 31 day challenge with a prompt for each day. I used them in 2019 (Dear Younger Me series) and 2021, so you could get the prompts for those from my posts if you want to use them as a starting point.
      Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy rediscovering writing in 2022!


  8. Hi Lesley, you know me from the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers (possibly as Harry Hunter) and in the past you have ‘liked’ my blog. I have completely reimagined my website along with a new domain name https://faithacrostics.org/ . If you are still linked to my recently deleted site harryhunteronline (Holy Acrostics), please could you update the link. Even better, if you like the new site, I’d be delighted if you’d share it with your friends and followers. By the way, I love Life in the Spacious Place, which is the only blog I follow. Every blessing, Paul S.

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