Guest Posts And Features

Bloggers Voice Network Interview– Kelly Baker

It’s Not Fair (Screenshot)– post for Gracefully Truthful

Samson (Sketched)– post for Gracefully Truthful

Raise Your Voice– featured at Tea and Word Tuesday Linkup

The Challenge Of Forgiveness (Prayer)– post for Gracefully Truthful

All Area Access (Tabernacle)– post for Gracefully Truthful

When You’re Lost For Words- featured at Literacy Musing Mondays

Join The Song (Worship III)– post for Gracefully Truthful

God Wants Me To Be Happy (Misunderstood)– post for Gracefully Truthful

Meant To Be (Woven)- post for Gracefully Truthful

Choosing Our Focus In Challenging Times– guest post at Along The Way

Never Too Late– featured at Tea And Word Tuesday LinkUp

The Power Of Life And Death– featured at Tell His Story

How Five Minute Friday Has Shaped My Writing Life– guest post for Five Minute Friday

Treasures In The Darkness– guest post for Busy Being Blessed

From The Back Of The Crowd- featured in Ruby Magazine, May 2017 Edition

ruby magazine may 2017

Are You Ready For Battle?- featured at Blessed Transgressions (featured in May 2017 magazine as #1 Reader’s Choice post for the month of April)

Listen To The Voice Of Truth– featured at Blessed Transgressions

When You Wonder If You Matter To God– featured at Blessed Transgressions

An Overflow Of Joy And Delight– guest post for Joy Of The Spirit Within

Flying Secure In Christ- featured at Tell His Story

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