31 Days Of Kintsugi


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This is the index page for my October 2017 Write 31 Days series: 31 Days Of Kintsugi.  Links to the posts will be added to this page as they are published.

Welcome to 31 Days of Kintsugi- a series looking at how God takes brokenness and transforms it into beauty.  I hope you’ll join me for biblical reflections, songs, testimonies and guest posts as we explore this topic together.

Day 1: 31 Days Of Kintsugi

Day 2: The Value In The Broken

Day 3: Broken Beyond Repair?

Day 4: The Fellowship Of The Broken

Day 5: The Power Of Authenticity

Day 6: A One-Of-A-Kind Creation

Day 7: Honouring Our History

Day 8: Mosaic Of Grace

Day 9: In The Middle Of The Mess

Day 10: Never Too Late

Day 11: Beautifully Broken

Day 12: Carried To The Table

Day 13: The Beauty Of Brokenness

Day 14: Does God Cause Our Brokenness?

Day 15: In His Time

Day 16: Ultimate Kintsugi

Day 17: Brokenness Is Not The Final Word

Day 18: On Being Unraveled… And Being Re-Knit Together

Day 19: We Are The Hope?

Day 20:  The Beauty Of “Me Too”

Day 21: Why Should We Share Our Kintsugi Stories?

Day 22: Beauty In The Broken

Day 23: The Blessings Of Humility

Day 24: Comfort And Compassion

Day 25: The Benefits Of Brokenness

Day 26: Strong At The Broken Places

Day 27:  My Kintsugi Story

Day 28:  Give God The Pieces

Day 29: The Broken Beautiful

Day 30:  A Song For You

Day 31:  Holding On For The Happy Ending


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